TN619 toner cartridge

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  • EBEST for Bizhub C1070 C2060 C2070 C3070 C3080 C1060 Konica Minolta TN619 Toner Cartridge
    EBEST for Bizhub C1070 C2060 C2070 C3070 C3080 C1060 Konica Minolta TN619 Toner Cartridge
    Suitable for Minolta:Minolta Bizhub PRESS C1085/C1100/C6085/C6110Neutral Packing;20PCS/carton: 62*42*55cm/31.5kgLoad: KCMY:1100gPage yield: about BK: 55K CMY:60K;Advantages: 1.Easy to install, easy to understandFirst, shakes the box back and forth about 6 times to make the toner evenly;Second, Remove the protective film and use it immediately2.Healthy and safe high-quality tonerHigh-quality toner particles are uniform and shake as fine as flowing waterNo agglomeration, can ensure high-definition output of printed products, and no bottom ash;Low output waste powder rate, high page yield; no peculiar smell,Safe and healthy to use!3.Fine workmanship, good sizeRefined size can ensure qualified dynamic rotation,Will not damage the rotating parts of the equipment, and can be reused,Adding powder to use can save your use cost!
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