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  • EBEST DV512 Copier Developer for Used in Bizhub C224 Photocopier
    EBEST DV512 Copier Developer for Used in Bizhub C224 Photocopier
    EBEST DV512 Copier Developer for Used in Bizhub C224 Photocopier.Suitable:Minolta C454/C554 with high efficiency, stable performance and long service life. Color: KCMY, Load: 250g/bag, Aluminum packaging, Neutral box packing;Advantages:1.Wide compatibilityCompatible with all kinds of toner, no damage to the machine;Printed product cleanupSolve the problem of light printing and dusty bottom;Wait for the problem easilyEffectively reduce costs;Stable outputLong service life, economical;2.Quality starts from the pelletsStrictly screened out high-quality iron powder, matched with high-quality toner, for firm fixation3.Carrier technology layer by layerStrictly check every link of the carrier to make the carrier closer to the original4.Service starts with guaranteeProvide an excellent technical team to solve the problem of carrier use and machine error reportingDetails: Attentive effect is clearer, customers are more assured;5.We also have toner cartridges of the same model and corresponding parts to meet your series of purchasing needs.Precautions for replacing the carrier:Color carrier, please change the three colors of yellow, red and blue at the same time.If only a certain color carrier is replaced,It will adversely affect the color balance.The black carrier can be replaced separately.
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