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Description: Konica Minolta IU184 new Drum Unit has super quality, black color output and high page yield features.


1.Advantages: Perform a full: Page yield has 80K, toner is full that the basic bring a high transfer rate. Print clearly: Quality toner just can give a clear and satisfactory typescripts. Good material, good part: Superior OPC drum, high compatibility, excellent wearability, clear and smooth, the darkness value and resolution are high.


2.Processing technology: Most parts are of excellent quality. OPC drum, wear resistant and good compatibility. Magnetic roller, strong magnetic field stability and carried charge. High quality blade, good elasticity is not easy to deform. Excellent toner, good liquidity and particle delicate.


3.Features: High page yield, less labor and time. Office needs to print drawing lines and grids, print clearly without glitches. Work well, printing clearly, high color restoration. Environmental protection material, long performance life. And a good after-sales service and quality assurance and technical support.

IU 184 drum unit is our hot sale product, we are confident to this product can bring you good use experience, if you sell customers it will brings in considerable revenue.


Suitable machine: Konica Minolta bizhub 164 184 185 195 206 215 235 246 6180 7718 7719 7723 7818

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