Ink and Ink Cartridge


Ink and cartridges are used for color printing. Most photocopiers use toner cartridges and toner cartridges. Ink cartridges are generally used in color all-in-one printers and ink printers. Belongs to two imaging mechanisms. One is laser and the other is ink. Copiers are laser technology, while color printers are mostly ink. Laser imaging with toner cartridges and toner is characterized by low cost and high speed. Color printers use ink, which is characterized by the ability to print colors and high resolution, but the speed is a bit slow.Key words:printer ink,printer ink cartridges,printer cartridges,ink cartridge...


1. During the ink cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new ink cartridge is installed.

2. Modern ink cartridges mainly refer to the parts used in inkjet printers to store printing ink and finally complete the printing.

3. Do not tear off the label when refilling the ink cartridge, and paste it back after refilling;

4. The ink should not be overfilled or it will overflow and affect the printing effect. If you accidentally fill up the ink, use the corresponding color ink tube to suck it out;

5. When labeling, make sure that the air guide hole at the wreath as shown in the figure cannot be covered, and leave a space for air guide

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