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The accessories of the copier are roughly as follows: The exposure part makes the surface of the photosensitive drum follow the original image to form a latent image of the inverted potential of the image. The developing unit converts the potential latent image on the surface of the photosensitive drum into a toner image. The paper feeding unit motor drives the pickup roller to feed the copy paper into the machine, preparing for the next step to transfer the toner image on the drum surface to the paper. Since the surface of the copy paper and the photosensitive drum are both electrically charged and the polarity of the separation part is opposite, the copy paper is not easily separated from the photosensitive drum during the copying process. Therefore, to smoothly separate the copied copy paper from the drum, it is necessary to take separation measures. The toner image on the copy paper of the fixing unit is fixed on the copy paper by fixing for easy storage. If it is not fixed, the image on the copy paper will fall off as soon as it touches.Key words:copier parts,copier parts and supplies,photocopier parts...

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