Toner Powder


Toner powder is composed of resin, carbon black, magnetic iron oxide, charge control particles, lubricant (silicon particles), and hot melt plastic (plasticizer). Not all toners are the same, and not all toners have the same printing effect. The shape of the toner determines the printing effect. There are two methods for making toner: physical grinding method and chemical polymerization method. The physical grinding method requires rough mixing of solid resins, magnetic materials, pigments, charge control agents, waxes, etc., and heating to melt the resins, and at the same time, evenly disperse the infusible components into the resin. After cooling and solidification, it is crushed, classified and surface modified. The chemical polymerization method is to stir liquid organic monomers, pigments, charge control agents, waxes, etc., under certain temperature conditions, the monomers are polymerized into resins initiated by initiators, and at the same time, particles containing various components are formed. Finally, cleaning, drying, and surface modification are performed.Key word:toner powder,best toner powder,canon toner powder...



1. Try to use the same brand of toner when adding toner, otherwise the copying effect will sometimes be affected. Fill the toner cartridge with toner and shake it well.

2. Before adding the toner, it is best to use the copier toner cleaner to clean the remaining toner in the developing compartment and clean the toner cartridge containing the toner.

3. Toner of poor quality will cause agglomeration when stored for a long time in a humid and temperature-changing environment, which will cause damage to the components of the developing chamber during use, which will affect the image quality, even It will shorten the service life of the developing chamber.

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