Copier Toner Cartridge


  Photosensitive drums are commonly known as toner cartridges. In fact, the toner cartridge has no selenium or only a trace amount of selenium. Why is it called a toner cartridge? In the 1960s and 1970s, inorganic materials and selenium materials were used to make photosensitive drums, allowing selenium to adhere to the drum base through evaporation. From now on, everyone agreed, and all photosensitive drums are called toner cartridges. Most of the popular ones on the market are organic photoconductor drums. One is cheap and less polluting, so organic photoconductor drums are basically popular in foreign markets. Referred to as "toner cartridge".


For Ebest toner cartridge

1.We have our own moulding compatible. RICOH, KONICA-MINOLTA ,XEROX, CANON, KYOCERA, TOSHIBA, SHARP, PANASONIC... new plastic cartrdge, low carton environmental protections

2.With a large number of advanced precision processing equipment to ensure processing quality and improve production efficiency, to reduce cost and control product quality.

3.Import high quality toner powder without ash, no ghositing, low waste powder rate. Install new chip for accurate counting.

4.Neutral box or customized requested.

5.Guarantee for repair or replace anycartridges damaged directly due to the malfunctioning.

6.Under ISO ICE 17952/24712 International Testing standard A4 coverage 5% same as original.

7.Copier tonercartridge、copier ink cartridges、photocopier toner、compatible toner cartridge、toner cartridge...

All materials using under MSDS.

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