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The carrier, as its name implies, has the function of loading and loading. For the copier, the function of the carrier is simply a carrier that transports the toner from the powder bin to the toner cartridge. The carrier is iron powder, in the part under the toner cartridge. Magnetic spherical iron particles, coated with resin material. It is not consumed during the copying process, but has a service life. The main function of the carrier is to make the toner and the carrier charged due to friction, and have the required polar charge; to ensure the uniform distribution of the toner; and to prevent the toner from flying and scattering. To play the above three functions and ensure the development effect, the charging performance of the carrier must be strong, the mixing ratio of the carrier and the toner must be appropriate, and the contact and stirring of the toner and the toner must be fully exerted to provide conditions for frictional charging.Key word:copier developer,photocopier developer,printer developer...



1. After replacing the carrier, check that the charging roller on the side of the printer is insured.

2. If the fuse is broken, the copy color will be very light and cannot be adjusted, so the person who replaces the carrier needs to pay attention to check. Under normal circumstances, the fuse is not very thick, and the original copper wire has only the thickness of the hair. One end should be directly bolted on, and the other end should be fixed with screws. Then you can continue to use it.

3. Like the toner, the carrier is also divided into two types, positive and negative. Which carrier and toner are used depends on the photosensitive material.

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