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Copier Drum Unit

The basic structure of the drum is generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. According to the different photosensitive materials, there are basically three types: OPC drum (organic photoconductive material), toner drum (Se selenium) and ceramic drum (a-si ceramic). From the point of view of life, the life of OPC drums is relatively short, generally only about 3,000 pages, and of course the price is the cheapest. The life of the Se drum is about 9,000 pages, and the life of the a-si drum can reach 90,000 pages. The price naturally rises by analogy. In terms of composition, the general OPC toner cartridge has only three layers. The first layer is an aluminum tube, the second layer is an insulating layer, and the third layer is a photosensitive layer. The surface of the toner cartridge (Se selenium) and ceramic drum (a-si ceramic) is composed of four to five layers of material. Especially for ceramic drums, its fourth layer is the first protective layer, and the fifth layer is the second protective layer.Key words:copier drum unit,printer toner drum,canon drum unit...


1.Don’t clean copier drum unit too often,don’t use ordinary paper to scrub during cleaning.

2.Don’t try to expose the printer drum unit to direct sunlight and strong light,don’t open light barrier on the drum unit casually.If the time in continuous exposure to strong light exceeds one minute, it may be scrapped.

3.Avoid using and storing in high humidity, high temperature and high cold environment,the toner in the drum unit clumps when dampened,it will affect the printing effect.In addition,take the copier/printer drum unit from low to high temperature working environment,it is best to place for more than an hour before using.

  • EBEST Konica Minolta DR512 copier drum unit for Bizhub c224/c284/c364
    EBEST Konica Minolta DR512 copier drum unit for Bizhub c224/c284/c364
    Minolta C224/C284/C364/C454/C554 with high efficiency, stable performance and long service life. Advantages:1.Chip: contains the chip and can be used when installed on the machine;2.Drum OPC: Page yield: about 60k;quality photosensitive coating, Drum OPC inner film, strong compatibility, good abrasion resistance, clear and smooth, strong blackness value and resolution;3.Details: Attentive effect is clearer, customers are more assured;4.We also have toner cartridges of the same model and corresponding accessories to meet your series of purchasing needs.EBEST products have developed in domestic and foreign markets, and have achieved excellent results. They have become a well-established online and offline network sales at home and abroad. With reliable products and perfect after-sales service, their products have been sold all over the world for many years High praise from the market.
  • EBEST Remanufactured Drum Unit For Ricoh MPC3003 C3503 C4503 C5503 C6003
    EBEST Remanufactured Drum Unit For Ricoh MPC3003 C3503 C4503 C5503 C6003
    Ricoh MPC3003 Remanufactured Drum Unit combines high-quality, full-color output with productivity-enhancing capabilities. 1. Advantages: Colored: BK/C/M/Y, printing clearly, keep colors fresh. Perform a full: Page yield has 60K, with high transfer rate, satisfy the needs of fast-paced offices, personal use and schools etc. Stable performance: Remanufactured product with relatively stable performance and wear well, is the choice of most customers.2. Processing technology: Developer adopt original. Using import OPC from Japan and Korea, fine workmanship, quality is guaranteed. High quality OPC with good photo conductivity and stable temperature when it’s working and also keep excellent imaging quality in all kinds of circumstances.3. Features: High page yield, less labor and time. Work well, printing clearly, high color restoration. Environmental protection material, long performance life. And a good after-sales service and quality assurance and technical support. Choose our strength, we are committed to do everything carefully, and constantly improve the quality of products & services, pursue the best experience of customer.
  • EBEST Ricoh MP3554 aficio MP2554/3054/4504 Remanufactured Drum Unit
    EBEST Ricoh MP3554 aficio MP2554/3054/4504 Remanufactured Drum Unit
    Ricoh MP3554 Copier Drum Unit is a product with high efficiency, stable performance and long service life. 1. Advantages:"Refine on, pay attention to the details of" the concept of quality, we dedicated to provide customers with quality products, preferential assured. Although Ricoh MP3554 copier drum unit it’s a remanufactured product, it’s parts are all superb, about the same working life with original product. 80K pages and high quality mould well resistant to print and can work effectively and sustainably for a long time. We use excellent materials to make sure the print quality for each copier drum unit.  2. Processing technology: Ebest has a professional and experienced technical team, multiple professionally equipped production lines and hundreds of testing equipment and devices to ensure all the products quality.  3. Features: High black level, you can get better print darkness. Office needs to print drawing lines and grids, print clearly without glitches. The product’s fixing time is lasting, which is beneficial to the long-term preservation of the photocopies.In Ebest, we believe that our brand name and business growth reside in quality assurance and technological innovation. It’s our constant commitment to provide you with premium products and first-class services.
  • EBEST Canon IR C3330 C3325 C3320 compatible NPG67 GPR53 EXV49 Drum Unit
    EBEST Canon IR C3330 C3325 C3320 compatible NPG67 GPR53 EXV49 Drum Unit
    Copier Drum Unit products adopts environmentally friendly materials, it has strong compatibility and print well, can improve work efficiency and reduce losses. 1. Advantages: High performance at low cost, factory product and outlet so attractive in price and quality. In terms of copier drum unit products packaging, we mainly to protect the product from damage, choose the safe and secure style. Using neutral packaging, provide triple protection to prevent damage in transit. Add toner easily, print clearly, compatible and stable performance. These all are the advantages of Canon NPG67 Copier Drum Unit.2. Processing technology: NPG67 Drum Unit is popular all over the world, especially more popular in Europe, is hot sale product. Color for BK/C/M/Y, page yield has about 80k, beautiful in colors and print enduringly.3. Features: New materials, good quality and more durable. We use original accessories, and more than 30 professional and technical personnels participate in production, all the products pass a number of rigorous inspections and tests. To ensure extend the life of products and reduce the failure rate effectively. Ebest is the best partner for copier consumables and have more than 20 years of product export experience. We are concerned about the whole compatible copier consumables has become a research and development, production, marketing, technical services companies in one entity. Looking forward to choose Ebest.