Happy Women’s Day to all women!

March 08, 2024

The International Women's Day, also known as the Working Women's Day, has the following main meanings and spirits:

1. To commemorate the unremitting struggle of women for equal rights. This festival originated from the march of female workers in New York in 1857, demanding equal pay for equal work and better working conditions, as well as the march of thousands of women in 1908 to commemorate the female workers who lost their lives in a factory fire a year earlier.

2. To call for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the realization of gender equality in political, economic, cultural, social and family life.

3. To focus on and safeguard the special rights and interests of women, addressing the difficulties and problems they face in employment, education, health, etc.

4. To promote the spirit of women's independence, self-reliance, diligence and kindness, as women play an important role in family, career and social development, deserving of affirmation and praise from the whole society.

5. To unite women around the world in a common effort to pursue the beautiful vision of peace, freedom, equality and development.

In conclusion, the International Women's Day is a festival for women around the world to unite, encourage each other and make progress together, carrying the aspiration and pursuit of gender equality. This festival has profound and far-reaching significance. Happy International Women's Day!

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